Sponsor of Brella during CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, Omint Seguros celebrates the results of the app

Among the more than 50 companies that supported CQCS Insurtech & Innovation 2019, one of the most satisfied with the result was Omint Seguros. The insurer has had its brand associated with Brella, an application that acts as a networking tool, connecting visitors and facilitating the building of business between them.

“Bridging our brand with such a groundbreaking networking tool was instrumental in generating a good brand reputation for the insurance professional and conveying the message that we are with him, helping him to generate quality networking and close good deals,” said Cicero Barreto, Commercial and Marketing Director of Omint Saúde e Seguros.

The app was responsible for 917 meeting communications, split between 603 message exchanges between visitors and 314 meeting requests. In all, there were 118 meetings in just two days of the event.

In addition, to achieve an even more relevant result, the organization of the CQCS Insurtech & Inovação created a communication journey, which began on May 28 and went until June 11, the day before the official opening. All messages came out with the Omint brand, which could be viewed by all of the 1.2 thousand participants of the meeting.

“Our goal was to hold an event that would create important connections, build new networks and build new businesses. That is why it is important to work with Brella, considered the best networking tool in the world, “explained Gustavo Doria Filho, founder of CQCS.

CQCS Insurtech & Inovação, the most important meeting of innovation in insurance in Latin America, took place between June 12 and 13, in São Paulo, and gathered more than 1,200 visitors. To find out how the event was, go to www.cqcsinsurtech.com.br.

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