Innovation is part of Bradesco Seguros DNA

In order to disseminate the culture of innovation, the Bradesco Seguros group annually promotes an innovation week for employees of Grupo Segurador and Bradesco Organization. The company aims to encourage the integration of people, the engagement for innovation and the connection of ideas with the purpose of impacting various departments.

The innovation week is an initiative that makes up the ‘Culture’ pillar, one of four (the others are POC – Proof of Concept, Innovation Content and Inovabra) that drive the company’s innovation initiatives.

In its third edition, the project has already shown positive results for the company, as explained by Fabio Dragone, Bradesco Seguros Group’s Digital and Innovation Director. “Innovation Week brings a very positive impact to the organization by disseminating the concept of the culture of processes and innovation methodologies”. Also according to the executive, the initiative changed the way of working, increased integration between people and the engagement of employees with the theme in all areas of the insurance company.

Always showing concern for spreading innovation, Bradesco Seguros believes that the insurance market is an ideal environment to innovate. “The emergence of insurtechs in the segment, for example, transformed the processes, the way of working and relating to the customer. We believe that innovation is essential in this scenario”, explains Dragone.

Already programming the next edition of the ‘Innovation Week’, the company makes plans: “(We want to) increase visibility about the relevance of the innovation theme, positioning the organization as a promoter of debates and involving other large Brazilian companies in the study of practices, trends and implementation of market innovation services. In addition to showing how the company has invested in the reformulation of the corporate culture, bringing more agility to the processes and maximizing the results “, he concludes.

Fostering its concern to always be attuned to the most innovative in the market, Bradesco Seguros will be present at CQCS Insurtech & Inovação 2020, the largest insurance innovation event in Latin America, which will take place on June 17th and 18th, at the Pro Magno Centro de Eventos, in São Paulo. For more information, visit

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