For the third consecutive time, CQCS Insurtech & Innovation will be supported by Neurotech

A pioneer in the practical application of artificial intelligence in the credit and insurance market in the country, Neurotech will once again be sponsoring CQCS Insurtech & Innovation. Since the first edition, in 2018, the company has always been at the side of the most relevant insurance innovation meeting in Latin America.

“We decided to rejoin CQCS Insurtech & Innovation because we had incredible returns on the people, the content presented and the innovation we share with the market. This all helped Neurotech to be where she is today. Also for our strategy over the next few years, it would make sense to stay out of this mega event, ”says Daniel Gusson, Head of Insurance at Neurotech.

The company offers solutions for a variety of industries including banking, finance, retail, insurance, payment, fintechs, education, industry and government. Among its main products is Autoscore, a concrete case of Big Data applied to the insurance market.

Based on its market expertise, Neurotech expects to make contact in this issue with key people and industry decision makers who bring insights into where they want to come in the coming years about innovations and their expectation of solutions that companies can provide.

“This event will surely bring us this very close proximity, which is very important for us to come up with more adherent solutions for the market as a whole,” says Daniel.

According to him, during this year's meeting the company should present solutions that add value to the insurer's daily life, but thinking differently with regard to data. "We will try to bring in fully structured and different data so that it can be correlated with risk, which will bring better underwriting and pricing."

The third edition of CQCS Insurtech & Innovation will be held on June 17 and 18, 2020, at the Pro Magno Event Center, in São Paulo. Around 1,500 participants are expected. For more information, visit
CQCS Insurtech & Innovation
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