SulAmérica’s healthcare solutions registered 309 thousand consultations in the first quarter of 2021

Used as healthcare tools by SulAmérica, the Telephone Medical Guidance (OMT) and Saúde na Tela registered 309 thousand consultations in the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 1,138% over the same period last year. “SulAmérica consistently invests in technology and we are always looking to develop solutions to support people in taking care of their Integral Health, a SulAmérica concept that encompasses the balance between physical, emotional and financial health. We encourage the development of new technologies for our products and services by building an organizational culture that favors experimentation and continuous improvement with a focus on the customer, be it the beneficiary, the broker or a business partner, without taking the focus away from people – for us, the future is human, and our essence is digital”, highlighted the company’s director of Innovation, Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics, Alexandre Putini.

The pandemic will undoubtedly be the starting point for profound changes with a great impact on health care, and one of the changes that is here to stay is telemedicine, which has accelerated its adoption and acceptance. This happened with SulAmérica. “The results obtained by our Saúde na Tela platform show that the product has a high level of resoluteness and has been receiving excellent response, with excellent evaluations. For the future, telemedicine must also undergo an adaptation curve, improving the technology even more and definitively incorporating it into medical practice”, he stressed.

The company has technology as its great ally, investing conscientiously and seeking to develop solutions to support people in taking care of their Integral Health. Among the company’s innovations, it is possible to access digital medical prescriptions in the app and via SMS, inclusion of a new communication channel via WhatsApp with transactional notifications, inclusion of new possibilities for audio and video tests during teleconsultations, new mechanisms information security, and updating of the streaming platform, providing more comfort, quality and security when conducting the teleconsultation.

“Technology is revolutionizing healthcare in several aspects and, for us, it is a tool to enable our purpose of improving people’s lives. In the hyperconnected world, new consumers are increasingly demanding and well-informed and expect to be impacted by interesting experiences in terms of technology in all sectors, including insurance”, commented Putini.

To offer the best services to this customer, the market needs to discuss and find ways to digitize itself without ceasing to be human in its relationships, which the company calls a phygital experience (balance between the physical and the digital). For SulAmérica, it is essential to have a digital soul and balance high-tech (technology) with high-touch (human) and not lose sight of the purpose of being digital in essence, careful in contact, partner in relationships and visionary in look.

The company will present its case during the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, which will have Health Tech as one of its pillars. The event takes place on November 23rd and 24th, in person. For more information about the biggest Insurance Innovation event in Latin America, visit:

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