Startup that invests R$ 10 million in research and development of health products, is present in the Startup Innovation Program

Planium is investing R$ 10 million in research and development of health products, using technology as a great ally in the development of its products. “This year we launched Planium Bank to provide financial services integrated into the health product sales process. This focus ensures continuous innovation for our customers and partners”, points out the company’s partner and COO, Fernando Vieira. The company will be present in the Startup Program of CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, which takes place in person on November 23rd and 24th. This year, the event will have Health Tech as one of its pillars.

“The pandemic brought to light the need to seek innovation in the healthcare area and companies showed that it is possible to deliver innovative solutions even in a short period of time. We are sure that this is a trend that is here to stay and we want to present everything that has been done and how companies are preparing to follow this path”, said the founder of CQCS, Gustavo Doria Filho. According to Vieira, health products have always been the object of desire on the part of Brazilians, and with the pandemic this was reinforced. “The big change that will make a difference in the future of these products is the need to review the entire distribution process, which has become digital, allowing for the development of new products and the entry of new channels,” he highlighted.

On the importance of a subject like this being highlighted in the largest insurance innovation event in Latin America, Fernando stated that “direct communication with the most innovative and influential leaders of this group is only possible through relevant events such as CQCS Insurtech & Innovation and that is why this event was defined as the company’s platform to launch new products for the sector.”

The Startup Innovation Program is an initiative of CQCS Insurtech & Innovation that allows start-up companies to participate in the most relevant insurance innovation meeting in Latin America. Remember that there are only vacancies available for the first 20 startups that sign up.

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