CQCS Insurtech & Innovation 2021

Here comes the third edition of CQCS Insurtech & Inovação, the largest Latin American Insurance Innovation event, also consolidated as one of the main events in the world!

In 2018, the first Insurtech & Inovação was supported by 17 companies and the presence of 700 market executives. In the following year, the numbers jumped to 56 sponsors and 1400 congressmen. For this year, the expectation is to have more than 100 supporters and more than 1500 participants.

Regulatory agencies, insurance companies, insurtechs, investors, technology service providers and insurance entrepreneurs from all over the world who are interested in business development with a focus on insurance innovation will participate.


For more information:

Gustavo Doria Filho + 55 71 981185426 gustavo@essenius.com.br

Alexandrina Filha +55 71 999774481 alexandrina@qerus.com.br

Who’s going?

Investors and Accelerators

Investors and Accelerators are very important in every evolutionary and / or disruptive movement. Venture Capital funds and the main Accelerators are confirmed at CQCS Insurtech & Inovação, they are always in search of finding the right project to be turbocharged. After all, if there are any Unicorn candidates in the Insurance sector, they will be presenting their project, idea or operation at one of the Panels and with their space at ExpoInsurtech to talk to those interested in investing or accelerating their business.

The Most Advanced Insurance Companies

The main and most advanced insurance companies are always present where the transformative initiatives are. One of the great challenges of the largest insurers is to be aware of the changes that the evolution of society has been going through. Assisting the Insurance Broker to become digital, speeding up innovative initiatives, guaranteeing the well-being of stakeholders and constantly seeking to improve the experience of the insured are daily mantras in these organizations and their executives are always attentive to innovative ideas.

Main Insurtechs

Insurtechs are transforming the Insurance Industry! Transforming, evolutionary and / or disruptive ideas have been implemented, making the experience of the insured person incredible in the search for improvement at all times. The changes range from risk inspections to monitoring claims regulation. Telemetry, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and virtual reality are already part of the daily life of these innovative organizations that are always looking to expand their knowledge and make their product, solution and / or service better known.

Insurance Entrepreneurs

Insurance entrepreneurs, service providers and executives looking to expand their participation in the new way of insuring must be aware of the opportunities of the future. New ideas, business possibilities and strategic alliances add value to what you produce and create elements of differentiation. Staying informed, being on top of pioneering initiatives, analyzing the evolutionary processes guarantee the permanence in the Insurance Market and give the possibility of being the one who will disrupt the way of insuring.


The Event

The event has a morning journey with Keynote Speakers from Latin America, Europe, Asia and North America, where global references in innovation in insurance and protection, will share their experiences and visions with the audience present.

Afternoons are reserved for shared panels divided into four pillars. There will be more than 40 panels with speakers from the most important Latin American countries and guests from other continents, creating the hub that will strengthen and expand the possibilities of solidifying the innovation and insurance ecosystem with a focus on rethinking your business, strengthening partnerships and finding possibilities development for a bigger, better and fairer insurance market for all.

The translation into English and Spanish in all the panels will guarantee the integration and the incentive to carry out major negotiations that can change the future of your company. PARTICIPATE!


The ExpoInsurtech

It is the exhibition fair where the participants of the panels will be able to present their products and services. In this integration space, the main movements for closing deals and establishing partnerships for the development of the Latin American insurance and protection market take place.




CQCS Insurtech & Innovation is an event focused on strengthening the concept of marketplace and the main objective is that many businesses are closed during the two days of the congress.

To help achieve this we will have an app that connects people and companies during the event, bringing more leads, contacts, customers and business.

Once installed on smartphones, it lets you enter your name, company, what you’re looking for and what it can offer. With this information, the algorithm crosses the information and identifies common goals and interests among people registered in the tool participating in the event.

The download is free for Android and iOS.


Startup Innovation Program

Startup Innovation Program is an opportunity for small companies to participate in the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, the most relevant meeting on insurance innovation in Latin America.

It is an initiative dedicated especially to startups, with the objective of enabling participation in a major event, with low investment.

CQCS Insurtech Challenge

The CQCS Insurtech Challenge is a competition where the most attuned insurtechs have the opportunity to present their business to a judging committee, made up of international investors and accelerators.

The competition is open to all insurtechs and the only prerequisite is to be registered for the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation.

* The 2021 edition will not have the CQCS Insurtech Challenge.


Brands that attended the 2019 event


Speakers of the 2021 edition


Caribou Honig

Chairman – Insuretech Connect


Jeroen Morrenhof



Jonathan Kalman

General Partner at Eos Venture Partners


Peter L. Miller

President and Chief Executive Officer The Institutes


Hilario Itriago

Managing Director of Rokk3r Insurtech


Everton de Castro

Head of Commercial, Products and Innovation at Meta Brasil


Julio C. Pauzeiro

Business Partner e Adviser da Meta Brasil


Hugues Bertin

CEO and Founder of Digital Insurance LatAm


Jeremy Jawish

Chief Executive Officer - SHIFT TECHNOLOGY


Renato Terzi



Luciano Snel

President of Icatu Seguros


Marcelo Blay

Founder and the CEO of Minuto Seguros


Solange Vieira

Superintendent of SUSEP


Domingos Monteiro

Founder and President of Neurotech


Daniel Amorim

CTO na Pottencial Seguradora


Cecil John Pedrosa Ricardo

Project Manager at SST Soluções

Soon speakers of the 2021 edition

2021 Sponsors





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