Matteo Carbone, the world’s main Insurtech influencer will speak at CQCS Insurtech & Innovation

It’s confirmed: Matteo Carbone, the biggest Insurtech influencer in the world, according to Insurtech News magazine, will speak at CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, the biggest insurance innovation event in Latin America that takes place on November 23rd and 24th in São Paulo . Carbone is an expert in telemetry and an insurance market scholar and has identified a shift in insurtech’s behavior pattern regarding the importance of insurance agents and brokers.

Initially, insurtechs that became benchmarks such as Lemonade, Metromile and Root who based their business plans – and managed to get many investors – on the technology and independence of the policyholder who would make a purchase without the presence of an insurance agent or broker, made a change in their plans.

These big insurtechs were sure that if the consumer had a satisfying experience in a user-friendly interface, it would be enough to secure sales and bring in new customers.

Looking at the market, Carbone noticed a change in these companies because they realized that they could perform better if they had the work of brokers and agents. Based on this insight, Metromile, for example, prepared and launched an independent agent program in the second quarter of 2021, with more than 600 agents nominated.

In addition, Root, another prominent insurtech in the market, found that customer experience goes beyond technology. People prefer – and like the technology – but in the conclusion or to better understand what they are buying, they prefer to have someone else’s support. That’s why insurtechs are adapting their systems and recognizing the importance of the insurance broker.

Therefore, Matteu Carbone, upon noticing this trend, has said in his articles and analyzes that about the potential of insurance brokers and agents in building an insurance portfolio.

The presence of brokers in the sale of insurance is a subject that arouses interest in Brazil since the insurance broker is the largest distribution channel in the Brazilian market and constantly proves its importance in the market.

Carbone’s participation in CQCS Insurtech & Innovation brings the vision and analysis of the trend of what is happening in the international insurance market, bringing Brazil up to date – and up to date – on what has been discussed in global terms.

Gustavo Doria Filho, founder of CQCS, highlights Mateo’s expertise, who comes to Brazil to talk about his digital perception at a time when companies that are a reference in the sector recognize the importance of acting in a humanized distribution channel. “The presence of Carbone, along with Caribou Honig, Jonathan Kalman, Shanill Williams, Kassie Bryan and Marcelo Blay places our event among the three most relevant on the planet!”, he stated.

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