Inovabra contributes to business development in the insurance market

One of the strategic pillars that guide Bradesco’s innovation area initiatives is Inovabra, a co-innovation space in which Bradesco Seguros is a part. The place is characterized by the presence of companies that belong to 20 sectors of the economy. The great objective of these companies is to innovate from disruptive technologies and, for that, they work together.

The work carried out in the Inovabra space contributes to solving challenges, meeting customer needs and ensuring the sustainability of its business in the long term. The environment hosts more than 90 companies, about 198 startups, totaling 1500 innovators. Fabio Dragone, Bradesco Seguros Group’s Digital and Innovation Director, explains: “inovabra quickly consolidates itself as a powerful strategic driver of the organization’s efforts in relation to innovation, accelerating processes and further expanding the range of benefits for participants in this ecosystem “.

In addition to representing a favorable place to develop strategies, Inovabra also works in favor of the insurance market. “Bradesco Seguros has developed several projects in partnership with Inovabra. Among them are BIA (Bradesco Inteligência Artificial) and also projects related to Open Banking, Open Insurance, IoT, among other technologies”, explains the director.

“We have developed new business models applicable or adaptable to the insurer’s products and services with the support of Inovabra. The ecosystem is a great opportunity for us to work together with insurtechs, transforming the processes and ways of working in the insurance market” , points out Fábio.

In addition to being a favorable environment for companies to develop, Inovabra is also a place where various events are held. A great supporter of the event, Bradesco Seguros has already confirmed its presence in its third edition, which takes place on November 23 and 24, in São Paulo. For more information, visit

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