Health Tech will be one of the main themes of the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation event

Confirmed for November 23 and 24, in person, the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation will have Health Tech as one of the pillars. “The pandemic brought to light the need to seek innovation in the healthcare area and companies showed that it is possible to deliver innovative solutions even in a short period of time. We are sure that this is a trend that is here to stay and we want to present everything that has been done and how companies are preparing to follow this path”, said the founder of CQCS, Gustavo Doria Filho.

Several companies will share their solutions and innovations in the area. Among them, SulAmérica, DOC24 and Planium, which are at the forefront of innovation in health and will be present at the event presenting their cases.

Health products have always been the object of desire of the Brazilian people and the pandemic really reinforced this feeling. The entire distribution process became digital, allowing for the development of new products. According to Fernando Vieira, partner and COO (Operations Director) at Planium, in 2021, the company is investing around R$ 10 million in research and development exclusively in the process of selling health products. “We were the first to launch digital sales with GNDI in 2017, we are still the only ones with digital onboarding of SME products that we launched in 2018 and this year we launched Planium Bank to provide financial services integrated into the healthcare product sales process. This focus ensures continuous innovation for our customers and partners,” he says.

In the hyperconnected world, new consumers are increasingly demanding and well-informed and expect to be impacted by exciting experiences in terms of technology in all sectors, including insurance. “To offer the best services to this customer, the market needs to discuss and find ways to digitize itself without ceasing to be human in its relationships, which we call a phygital experience (balance between the physical and the digital). For SulAmérica, it is essential to have a digital soul and balance high-tech (technology) with high-touch (human) and not lose sight of our purpose of being digital in essence, careful in contact, partners in relationships and visionaries in the look”, highlights the Director of Innovation, Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics at SulAmérica, Alexandre Putini.

Among the company’s most recent innovations are digital medical prescriptions in the app and via SMS, inclusion of a new WhatsApp communication channel with transactional notifications, inclusion of new possibilities for audio and video tests during teleconsultation, new mechanisms for information security, and updating of the streaming platform, providing more comfort, quality and security when conducting the teleconsultation. “Another important solution launched in 2020 was the COVID-19 button on the SulAmérica app, a tool so that people could perform a first service in case of suspicion of the disease. This solution is based on cognitive artificial intelligence and had more than 500,000 hits last year, proving to be efficient in screening and solving doubts about the disease. The COVID-19 screening via chat and WhatsApp also totaled more than 36 thousand hits last year”, he highlights.

The same happened with DOC24, which needed to adapt the platform, transforming the patient experience into something much simpler and more effective. “Technology has always played an important role in healthcare. However, now the technology is literally in the hands of the patient, precisely when we make it possible to carry out video medical consultations through the patients’ smartphones or computers”, says the general director of DOC24 in Brazil, Fernando Ferrari. The company develops versatile and innovative solutions in digital healthcare for companies and healthcare institutions.

Discussing solutions and innovations in the healthcare market has always been important. The pandemic has shed even more light on this segment. “Health tech has always been a very present subject at innovation events. We are going to make a pillar only about well-being at CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, which will include health tech, life solutions, pensions and quality of life”, highlighted Doria.


CQCS Insurtech & Innovation is the Largest Insurance Innovation Event in Latin America that will take place on November 23rd and 24th in São Paulo, at the Pró Magno space. The meeting will welcome regulatory agencies, insurance companies, insurtechs, investors, technology service providers and insurance entrepreneurs from around the world.

The event will also feature several security measures depending on the impermanence of the moment. Among the actions are the limitation of in-person participation to 1,000 participants and the hiring of Dr. Antonio Bandeira, an infectious disease specialist, to structure the Covid-19 prevention protocol at the event.

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