In full growth phase reaching expressive numbers Infocar highlights innovations at CQCS Insurtech & Innovation

The “CQCS Insurtech Innovation”, which will be held on November 23rd and 24th, at Pro Magno Centro de Eventos, in São Paulo, has confirmed the presence of another company that works with a focus on innovation. This is Infocar, which has been operating for more than 20 years in the vehicle information market and, since 2020, has started to position itself as a data company. “One of the main markets we serve is insurance and participating in the CQCS Insurtech Innovation will be an important step to help us on the path of our strategy. We recognize the importance of the event and its relevance to the market, which is why we are excited about the changes that the event will bring”, informs the company.

In a phase of full growth, reaching expressive numbers and repositioning the brand in the market, Infocar restructured, this year, areas such as growth marketing and CS, which now have “new ambitions and objectives” aligned with the objective that the company wants to achieve . In addition, professionals with a “strong background in the automotive market” were hired.

Thus, Infocar’s strategy follows the following points: making the company recognized as the main source of vehicle information; and to position Infovist, the survey WebApp, as a product entirely built around the needs of the auto insurance market.

Infocar has also created and improved ideal solutions for the auto insurance market. Now, the intention is to strengthen them even more, taking them to insurtechs and traditional insurers.

In addition, the company’s database was strengthened, with an even more focused focus on information security. “We are working on automation and technology to further improve our products”, emphasizes the company.

In this process, the aim is to deepen communication with the auto insurance segment.

To this end, practical solutions were developed that automate processes and decisions, with the aim of delivering excellence and security to customers. The motto adopted is: no matter what your problem, Infocar has the solution.

Infocar is present in the largest insurance companies in the country and is at a time of growth and expansion. More than five million vehicle data are transacted per month with customers. The company’s portfolio spans the entire sales funnel: from data filling to information veracity, with full reports coming from trusted databases.

In addition, solutions were created that are totally focused on the usability of the insurers’ end customer, but also thinking about the improvement of day-to-day processes and agility in quotations.

Infovist is one of the products that was created to meet the real needs of customers, as in the inspection process, which requires a high investment.

This insight came with the improvement of the company’s CS area and is one of the reasons Infovist can be white label, customizable, to meet exactly what the customer needs, in addition to ensuring full security, even offering facial recognition.

The intention is to show at “CQCS Insurtech Innovation” how the company is always looking for innovation, basing its services on data and technology to keep up with changes.

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