Digital insurance company focused on residential products confirms its presence at CQCS Insurtech and Innovation

A year ago, the insurance company Flix, a 100% digital company focused on home insurance and assistance, arrived on the Brazilian market. The company’s objective is to change the perception of value in the personal insurance market. “Our main intention is to democratize the personal insurance market in the country through the residential product. We realized that our consumer is protected by the assistance and services provided within the product”, stated the company’s Founder & CEO, Luis Felipe Barranco.

The company operates with two sales strategies. The first consists of direct sales, where the customer accesses the insurance company’s channels, customizes the product according to their needs and completes the entire process digitally. “He comes out with a personalized monthly product, with no grace period, fine and deductible, all designed to facilitate understanding and make hiring as simple as possible,” he explained. The second option is called flix 2 business, which consists of selling through distribution channels, where customer bases or what may be their only assets are worked on and, in addition, it generates very large savings for partners, brokers and companies like fintechs.

Flix is ​​one of the companies that will present its case during the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation. Barranco guarantees that participants can expect a totally different experience from what they are used to in this type of event. “It is the most relevant event on the market and brings the latest in innovation. So, it’s only fair that our participation is also innovative. But I can’t go any further…”, he said.

CQCS Insurtech & Innovation takes place in person on November 23rd and 24th, at the Pro Magno Centro de Eventos in São Paulo. Learn more at:

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