CQCS Insurtech & Innovation launches “Eu Vou” campaign on social media

With the advance of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, the reduction in the number of daily cases, hospitalized and dead, gets closer to the realization of the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation at the Pro Magno Centro de Eventos, in São Paulo, in November 23rd and 24th. That’s why the “Eu Vou!” campaign is in action.

Anyone who has already guaranteed their participation in the event is invited to participate. Just send your photo to alexandrina@qerus.com.br to have your card made with the phrase “I’m going!” This way, you will be able to publish on your social networks and share with your colleagues that you will be present at the biggest innovation event in the insurance market in Latin America.

The founder of CQCS, Gustavo Doria Filho, says that less than 50% of the tickets are available. “We will only have 1,000 presential participants, due to the protocol, but the event will offer the option of watching the lectures remotely”, he says. Some speakers will also present themselves remotely.

CQCS Insurtech & Innovation will have morning plenary sessions with international speakers who are already confirmed. The event is based on four pillars: well-being/wellness, which includes life insurance, health care, investments and quality of life; will be the themes; Vitória da Distribuição in which topics related to sales and all its nuances will be discussed; the New Insurance Market  with an approach on Sandbox, SRO, new approaches and the like, and Super Tech, which will discuss the entire tech arsenal that is boosting the world insurance market.

“The number of sponsors is increasing daily and we are going to surpass the number of the last event”, says the founder of CQCS.

The “Eu Vou” campaign is an opportunity for participants to talk and exchange expectations before the event.

The event will also feature various security measures depending on the impermanence of the moment. Dr. Antonio Bandeira, an infectious disease specialist, was hired to structure the Covid-19 prevention protocol at the event. Dr. Bandeira, among other qualifications, is a postgraduate at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and was part of the first group to identify Zika in Brazil, numerous works published on Chikungunya, with documentation of the first case of neonatal encephalitis in Brazil and solid background in Epidemiology.

For more information about the event, go to: https://cqcsinsurtech.com.br

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