Cilia will present innovative product during CQCS Insurtech & Innovation 2020

Cilia, which offers the most modern automotive budgeting system, plans to launch a new product during the CQCS Insurtech & Innovation. From a simple random image of a vehicle damaged in an accident, the company will be able to prepare a budget.

“This product will allow us to act in the regulation of an automotive accident, in audits and also in previous inspections, where from the damages we have already suggested a budget and a possible workshop for the customer”, reveals Daniel Barbosa, CEO of Cilia.

The launch is an evolution of the application presented last year by the company. The app has the capacity to process 150 images per minute, which allows insurers and customers to access the budget online on their mobile phones.

Upon receiving the image of the vehicle crash (accident), the startup is able to measure the damaged parts, search for suppliers, calculate the repair time, indicate the price of the repair and the nearest workshop to do the service.

For Daniel, the technology used in Cilia’s latest launches is at another level. “Everyone wants to work with Artificial Intelligence, but few can definitely do something tangible.”

This ability to solve complex problems is only possible because Cilia currently has almost 29 thousand registered workshops; about 63.6 thousand vehicles and more than 18 million parts, by 28 different automakers.

Regarding market trends, the executive was straightforward in stating that “for sure, the agility in customer service and the operational economy will continue to increase”.

Whoever wants to know in detail the launch of Cilia just visit the CQCS Insurtech & Inovação. The most important meeting of innovation in insurance in Latin America will be held on November 23 and 24, at the Pro Magno Centro de Eventos, in São Paulo. For more information, visit

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