Iván Ballón

Iván Ballón

Iván has worked for different Dutch companies such as PTT Telecom, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in the Netherlands and the USA, ABN Amro Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Due to his role, Iván had the opportunity to live in different countries.

He has been working for FRISS for six years and his goal is to expand FRISS’ presence in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

Until now, he has developed and won clients in Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Curaçao, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and especially in Brazil.

Since Brazil is a very important country and global player in terms of technical developments, insurance, economy, among others, FRISS has developed a strategy to enter the market and gain more knowledge to help insurers fight fraud, mitigate risks and conduct dynamic investigations .

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