Armando Vergilio will be honored at CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, the largest insurance event in Latin America

CQCS Insurtech & Innovation will pay special tributes to personalities who helped or are still working effectively to ensure permanent innovation in the insurance market. The event, to be held on November 23 and 24, in São Paulo, will recognize the immeasurable collaboration offered, in this context, by five historical leaders: Antônio Carlos de Almeida Braga, Abrahão Garfinkel, Mário Petrelli, Nilton Molina and Armando Vergílio .

The latter, who is the current president of Fenacor and was also a federal deputy, superintendent of SUSEP and chaired the ENS, will name the room that will debate, throughout the event, the directions of insurance distribution as an instrument to expand protection for the Brazilian society. “Armando Vergílio is a great leader in the Insurance Market. He works tirelessly to make the distribution of Insurance, through Brokers, differentiated through the qualification of professionals. He innovated in the form and content of Brokerage Congresses, highlighted his political and institutional leadership, accomplished a lot in Congress as a federal deputy, always working for the development of the Insurance market and, as superintendent of SUSEP, restructured the body, making it the most modern and efficient, opened the reinsurance market and took the first steps towards Microinsurance. He is a great professional, whom I admire a lot for his ideas, ideals and resilience”, praises the chairman of MAG’s Advisory Board, Marco Antonio Gonçalves.

The president of Ibracor, Joaquim Mendanha, also praises Vergilio: “He is the greatest leader of Insurance Brokers since the regulation of our profession. I have lived with Armando Vergilio for many years and I have several stories that confirm his relevance not only for Insurance Brokers, but for our entire market. However, I will mention a situation that I followed very closely. The immense dedication, resilience, without measuring efforts, full time, and overcoming all the major obstacles that arose in the process that allowed the Insurance Broker to be included in the best Simples chart. It was a historic achievement, which brought a significant reduction in the costs faced by the category and provided the category’s accelerated growth. As the leader of the Insurance Brokers, I can mention, in addition to the inclusion of the category in Simples, the tireless action of Armando Vergilio to prevent the category from being simply extinguished, as it was, inexplicably, established by MP 905/19”, highlighted Mendanha.


According to the founder of CQCS, Gustavo Doria Filho, Insurtech & Innovation is an innovation event that has a deep respect for history, which motivated the tributes to people who contributed to the development of the insurance market or to the journey in innovation. “This year, we are going to honor a special group of innovators who were pioneers and have very special stories. Almeida Braga was one of the builders of the market as it is today. Nilton Molina is an early insurance entrepreneur who has continued to innovate ever since. Abrahão Garfinkel created a huge legacy and, in the distribution pillar, we have Armando Vergilio, who has a long journey as leader of Insurance Brokers, deputy or superintendent of SUSEP, and who, during the pandemic, created the most incredible program for sharing knowledge, with more than 30 events that brought knowledge to all Brokers”, noted Doria.


The third edition of CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, the largest insurance innovation event in Latin America, brings a completely innovative and differentiated proposal.

The objective is to promote an inclusive and socially and sanitary responsible event. For this, one of the initiatives will be “zero waste”. There will be no debris generated during the Innovation and whatever is unavoidable to generate will be paid for in a carbon loan.

The participation of the PAE (Program for Efficient Attendants), which sends young people with special needs to attend to the entire public at the event, is also already guaranteed. “Our friends count on working hard there, not just showing up, they serve our participants very well,” explained Gustavo Doria Filho.

Another novelty will be the fact that a major brand sponsors the participation of insurtech companies that are at the beginning of the journey to present their business to the attendees.

The event will also feature several security measures depending on the impermanence of the moment. Among the actions are limiting face-to-face participation to 1,000 participants and hiring Dr. Antonio Bandeira, an infectious disease specialist, to structure the Covid-19 prevention protocol at the event. Dr. Bandeira, among other qualifications, is a postgraduate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and was part of the first group to identify Zika in Brazil, numerous works published on Chikungunya, with documentation of the first case of neonatal encephalitis in Brazil and solid background in Epidemiology.

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