2021 edition of CQCS Insurtech & Innovation will have a program aimed at startups

The 2021 edition of CQCS Insurtech & Innovation, which will take place on November 23rd and 24th, in São Paulo, will present many new features. The event, which will be hybrid and will receive international speakers, will feature a startup program, the Startup Innovation Program.

“We want to ensure that start-up companies can participate in the biggest insurance innovation event in Latin America. It is a perfect initiative for brands that want to be known as enablers of digital and technological inclusion”, explained the creator of the event, Gustavo Doria Filho.

The program will be subsidized by a sponsor and is aimed at early stage companies that need to present their initiatives to the market, but do not have the budget available to advance in this process. Startups that participate in the program will have a space at the fair for an investment of R$4,000.

In addition to a place to receive customers, prospects and investors, the value entitles you to a 3-minute pitch during breaks in the Panels; 1/16 page ad in the Event Guide; 02 registrations; and a StartUp and Program Sponsor branded slot.

“We are here to look at everyone. The market cannot be just the big ones. Big events usually need high investments, but we found a model where everyone can participate. We are expecting many insurtechs, but it is important to inform us that we only have vacancies for the top 20”, warns Gustavo.

Planium, Clic Health Id and Neural Jurimetria have already guaranteed their places in the Startup Innovation Program, find out how to participate in the program on the event’s official page: https://cqcsinsurtech.com.br/innovation/

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