CQCS sponsorship quotas Insurtech & Innovation 2019 should end this month

Companies that still wish to participate in the most important Latin American insurance innovation meeting need to hurry. There are only a few vacancies remaining to close the Insurtech & Innovation CQCS sponsorship chart. Silver and Insurtech Premium quotas, for example, are exhausted. The Platinum quota has only one space, and has an interested consulting firm and an insurance company, Bronze has only one seat, while Golden still has two spaces. Finally, the vacancies for Insurtech Reference have only two free spaces. “As the available quotas are ending, companies that are interested in participating in our event need to hurry, because we expect that by the end of this month all quotas have already been sold, “warns Maria Ribeiro, CEO of Qerus, organizer of the event. Likewise, the panel of speakers is almost closed. Of the 56 vacancies available for the panels, 40 names are already defined. Because of this, the organization of the event highlights that this is the best line up of the sector already seen in Brazil. Among the international speakers are names like Caribou Honig, Chairman of InsurtechConnect; John Drzik, president of Marsh Global Risk and Digital; Jonathan Kalman, partner and founder of Eos Venture Partners; Christopher McDaniel, President The Institutes’ RiskBlock Alliance; Leena Johns, global vice president of MetLife; Nyr Perry, founder of Cyberwrite; Hilário Itriago, CEO and co-founder of Bullfrog Ventures; and Ingo Weber, CEO of Digital Insurance. Among the Brazilians who work in the sector, will be Marcelo Blay, founder and CEO of Minuto Seguros; Daniel Barbosa, from Cilia Tecnologia; Roberto Bocchi, general director of Huvvi; Silvio Jardim, president of Quiver; Luis Gustavo Zanon, president of Seguralta Corretora de Seguros; Enrico Ventura, Insurance Consultant; and Diogo Silva, president of Rede Lojacorr.We also confirmed the presence of Heverton Pessoa, president of Wiz; André Lauzana, SulAmérica’s Commercial Vice-President, Marketing, Press Office and Capitalization; Adilson Lavrador, Executive Director of Operations, Technology and Claims of Tokio Marine; José Luis da Silva, Commercial Director of Tokio Marine; Amilcar Vianna, Founder of Prudente Insurance Brokerage; Cláudio Quaglia, Innovation manager at Sompo; Francisco Duwe, Managing Partner of MISP Miami Corretora de Seguros; Vitor Bezerra Managing Partner of Our Brokerage Firm; Eduardo Kolmar, Vice President of Benefits of THB Brasil; Omar Ajame, CEO of Tex Technology; and Renata Krause, CEO and Co-Founder of Medsyn.At the time, CQCS Insurtech & Inovação is sponsored by Autoglass, the largest glass distributor in the country; Data Robot, pioneering insurtech in Automated Machine Learning; Generali, an independent Italian group with a strong international presence; MetLife, one of the largest life insurers in the world; SulAmérica, the largest independent insurance group in Brazil; Sompo Seguros, one of the largest insurance groups in Japan and the world; and HDI, considered one of the three largest insurance groups in Germany. They are also supporters of the largest innovation innovation meeting in Latin America to Solera, Admseg, Cilia, Cyberwrite, GTI Solution, Huvvi, Marsh, Minute Insurance, Potential Social Insurance Company, Previsul , Quiver, Seguralta, TEx, Friss, Digital Insurance and Som.us. Bullfrog, one of the largest innovation incubators in the world, and Angel Education are official partners of the event. CQCS Insurtech & Inovação 2019 will be held on June 12 and 13 at the Pro Magno Events Center in São Paulo. Around 1.5 thousand participants are expected to be twice as many visitors as the first edition. For more information, visit www.cqcsinsurtech.com.br.

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