App that allows the insured to make his auto inspection will be presented at CQCS Insurtech & Inovação

Pioneer in the development of intelligent solutions for the automobile and credit market, the Infocar Group will present a very innovative self-inspection application during the CQCS Insurtech & Inovação 2020.

Recently launched, the Infovist, will make a complete analysis of the vehicle and will greatly assist insurers, banks, financial institutions, consortia and survey networks that need a quick and complete diagnosis, adding efficiency and cost reduction in the operation.

Infovist uses user experience and artificial intelligence techniques to guide the user through a sequence of photos predefined by customers and generates a complete electronic survey report. The system recognizes the inserted images and the app only proceeds with the analysis if everything is in compliance, ensuring total reliability in the execution, making the process robust and secure.

Through the documents and data collected in the extensive vehicle database of the Infocar Group, a complete report is developed that encompasses commercial risks at the time of consultation, such as possible fraud, devaluations due to history, fines, debts, vehicle characteristics, among others. others.

The solution allows the vehicle inspection to be carried out in an economical and simple way, through an agile vehicle evaluation process in a 100% digital process belt. Another advantage is the freedom to do the survey at the time you want, avoiding the need to travel to a physical survey or having to receive a surveyor at your home.

Infovist is customizable and works on any cell phone, without any installation. Items such as angles and number of photos are customizable according to the needs of each business. The app also has geolocation and OCR reading of the plates.

Whoever wants to know this novelty up close, just register at CQCS Insurtech & Inovação, the most relevant meeting of insurance innovation in Latin America, which will take place on June 17 and 18, at the Pro Magno Centro de Eventos, in São Paulo. For more information, visit

Source: CQCS Insurtech & Inovação 

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